Proprietary engineering

We have over hundred years of experience in designing, constructing, testing and commissioning industrial equipment. Having a proprietary engineering department means that the lines between ‘idea’ and ‘reality’ are very short. This translates to the highest quality end result, within the shortest possible lead time.

Please feel free to explore our extensive machine park and modern welding construction department.

Lathes and vertical turning

  • Center lathes: up to 1.000 mm diameter and 3.000 mm long
  • Turret lathes: up to 5.600 mm diameter and 2.500 mm height
  • Long axle lathes: up to 960 mm diameters and 7.600 mm long

Lathes and vertical turning

Drilling, milling & boring

  • Drilling and milling: up to 9.000 x 2.500 x 1.500 mm
  • Boring: up to 3.000 x 2.000 x 1.600 mm

Drilling, milling and boring

Welded constructions

Kreber is renowned for applying high standards to its welding. We have an extensive database of qualified welding procedures for submerged (arc) welding, inert gas metal arc welding, TIG-welding and electrode welding covering different grades of carbon steel, stainless steel and “exotic” material types such as high nickel alloys and super duplex stainless steel.

We offer a broad range of fabrication services in the welding of small to large size parts. We have profound experience with welding projects under the supervision of inspection bodies such as TUV, Lloyds & DNV. Kreber is ISO 3438-2 and PED AD-2000 certified.


Assembly & testing

Ultimately, everything revolves around the delivered final product. Kreber delivers “Turn-Key”, which allows our clients to start their work immediately. In our factory we produce ready-made devices, machines and constructions. Of course the proper functioning and constructive quality of all components are tested extensively, before we release any product for delivery. After delivery, transport by road but also by water is possible. Our factory has an assembly hall of 100 x 15 meters, close to the quay.

Assembly and testing


With regard to delivery, Kreber’s 9,500 m2 manufacturing plant in Vlaardingen is conveniently situated along the Nieuwe Maas river, in the heart of world port Rotterdam and close to several international airports.

Europoort Rotterdam