The most critical component

In November 2017, Kreber was awarded the contract for the manufacturing of a series of swivels. Under DNV classification Kreber delivered a fully in-house manufactured and tested product with extensive manufacturing record books.

A critical component in the design of any weathervaning buoy, FSOs or FPSOs is the swivel stack. The swivel stack transfers fluids, electricity and fibre optics between the fixed geostationary part and the rotating, weathervaning part of the system.

Manufacturing Swivel

Swivel stacks can vary in complexity. On a simple buoy the swivel stack can comprise a single low pressure swivel for the crude oil, whereas on a complicated FPSO there can be many multi-path toroidal swivels transferring high pressure crude oil, gas, water injection fluids as well as electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic power plus electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and fibre optic control signals.


  • Weight: 2t
  • Design code: ASME VIII Div1 2013
  • Crude Pressure & Temperature: 19 bar @ 50°C